Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Professional guide for Nepal Trekking from kimmy from Canada !!

Hi Trekkers,
 We would like to recommend prashant professional Independent Trek and tour operator, Our great guide and friend in Nepal. October 2009  3 /4  of  us Hiked from Dhampus Phedi-- ABC with poon hill  which was a 13 days hike . He flawlessly guided us through the entire Trek of Annapurna and showed us interesting things along the way that we would never have seen. He has a great sense of humor and we spent a great deal of the hike laughing at each other's jokes and Cultural difference.
He had a teacher before for private primary school. He taught us many things along the way including information on flora, fauna, culture of the local people along the way. History of Nepal , politics and many more. prashant is not only guide we found him as a professional operator because he operator trip better than we expected.
Thus we hardly recommend prashant tamang to anyone interested trekking in Nepal. prashant is the number one !
Below is his contact information;
prashant tamang.
Call phone; 0977--9803983008

Recommendation for excellent Trekking guide prashant Tamang.

Hello !  my name is Andrew peak,originally from Canada, but currently living in Bangkok as an English teacher.
I have been to Langtang Base Camp Trekking for  8/ 14 days, Bhotkoshi River Rafting 2 days trip, Chitwan Wildlife Jungle Safari 2 nights 3 days and finally Gosaikund Frozan Lakes passed instant Trekking  for 14 days with trekking guide Prashant Tamang.E-mail at him;,
I went during last November / December 2008. His Team arranged for air tickets, transportation, Hotels, and Pokhara and the Tea House Treks, I close his service based on the recommendation of some of  my good friends who had trekked with him several times before. I was not disapointed.
Although he is young energetic, prashant has a lot of experience with Trekking, He knows the trails inside  out and the people involed in the tourism industry at various levels. and He is a good Organiser. He made all the necessary arrangements for the trips in a very professional way.He also speak English well. and is very generous.He is knowledgeble about Nepal and India Sikkim and Darjeeling State from many prospectives, so apart from being a good guide, He is a pleasant companion and I learned a lot about the Local Culture while talking to him. I recommend that you use him as a guide and use his will be glad you did.
So, If you are looking for a Trekking and Adventures guide, I suggest you hire him to service you for your various adventure activities.
Best Wishes and happy Travelling to Nepal. I love Nepal and I m thinking of going back for Annapurna Trekking  some day.
I am happy to share my very positive experience on trekking , Visiting Nepal was an experience that I will never forget.
prashant Tamang.
cell no; +977-9803983008.

The Himalayan Trek with prashant !

I just finished a round Annapurna trek as Throng pass trek with prashant. He is a really nice guy, knowledgeble and a great guide. If you're looking for a guide don't hesitate to get in touch with him.
Also the  Round Annapurna part of the trek is culturally and very interesting ,though hard work, energetic. He can organise everything as well. If you'd like to email me for a refernce, 
please contact prashant for my work and email address.
cellphone- 0977-9803983008 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A post from jacob, Sanfrancisco, California.

Memorable first taste trekking in nepal !!

prashant showed me a lot of veriety and proved to be a great companion out on the trail for my short 3 days trek. we hit Chisopani, Nagarkot and Bhaktapur in a 3 days stint. Beautiful weather and top notch service.
I willbring back my father next year and make arrangements through prashant.
He is competent and easy going........................................!
Jacob. U.S.A

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is trekking guide you want. from Gillian, Aus.

we did a 14days trek with prashant tamang last march through Langtang and Gosaikund.
prashant was the perfect guide, knowledgeable but unobtrusive, good natured and like by everyone along the trek [ which makes for a wonderful experience as you stop to locals  along the way] 
Big smiles, and big knowledge is how I would describe prashant. he is the consumate host for a hike through the himalaya but importantly, really pleasant company for 14 days [ I con't think of that many people with whom I could spend 14 days strait].
we experience sudden and extreme fog one day when we were descending from our highest peak at Gosaikund. and prashant was extreme careful and knowledgeable in finding our way through. this was in a place where an unguided tourist had previously gone missing, so we felt even more confident in prashant's guide skills after that. As we were hiking in early march, we did experience some icy narrow paths one day after some snow and prashant litterally pulled me up these as it was truly frightening we were walking in tandem with some others whose guide just left them to their own devices to navigate this icy and dangerouse terrain, and they just said the whole time how could not wait to ditch their guide.
quite a few of our friends have trekked with prashant over the last couple  of years and we all think he is a great blok,Highly recommeneded.
He can be contacted here

Friday, November 19, 2010

An amaizing guide in Nepal

We had a trek with Prashant, to Gusaikund lakes in Nepal. I can deeply recommend him, I travel led with my wife and Prashant, he knows all the ways, he keep us safety on the way, he always took care of us, and always paid attentions to our needs, always smile, always willing to assist and to explain about the traditions of the place, about life, about what we see and what we plan to see. he always keep us inform about the way, how difficult it will be, he is honest and modest.. if you want to contact, phone number: +977-9803983008.