Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is trekking guide you want. from Gillian, Aus.

we did a 14days trek with prashant tamang last march through Langtang and Gosaikund.
prashant was the perfect guide, knowledgeable but unobtrusive, good natured and like by everyone along the trek [ which makes for a wonderful experience as you stop to locals  along the way] 
Big smiles, and big knowledge is how I would describe prashant. he is the consumate host for a hike through the himalaya but importantly, really pleasant company for 14 days [ I con't think of that many people with whom I could spend 14 days strait].
we experience sudden and extreme fog one day when we were descending from our highest peak at Gosaikund. and prashant was extreme careful and knowledgeable in finding our way through. this was in a place where an unguided tourist had previously gone missing, so we felt even more confident in prashant's guide skills after that. As we were hiking in early march, we did experience some icy narrow paths one day after some snow and prashant litterally pulled me up these as it was truly frightening we were walking in tandem with some others whose guide just left them to their own devices to navigate this icy and dangerouse terrain, and they just said the whole time how could not wait to ditch their guide.
quite a few of our friends have trekked with prashant over the last couple  of years and we all think he is a great blok,Highly recommeneded.
He can be contacted here

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